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Glitzy and Chic Designs by Donna Carmel

 This site is dedicated to the memory of my father, Warren (Petie) Goldman who passed away on October 5, 2012.

I am Donna Goldman Carmel. I have opened this shop and design over the top runway, statement, cocktail pieces. Some of them are one of a kind. True glitz. Sure to get your diva on. All of my love goes into each piece I create. As I create one design another design pops into my head. I hope you enjoy these unusual pieces. Don't forget to Get Your Diva On.   

I have also been in the vintage jewelry business for a bit over 6 years. I collected and sold only Miriam Haskell for the first year and a half and then realized that vintage jewelry was my bliss, so I decided to branch out. I just love the vintage experience and want to share it with all who want to take the journey with me. I am now spreading out to include the entire vintage experience.  Dare to be fabulous.




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